How To Get Started With TEBCOM as a Doctor?

We've developed a streamlined workflow to help doctors get their private telemedicine platform up and running in no time. There are no technical hoops to jump through or specialized hardware and software requirements. Here's precisely how you can start providing your patients with professional remote healthcare services

Technology That Drives Healthcare Access - Simplified
Download and Install the TEBCOM App

You can find the official version of the TEBCOM app on the Google Play app for Android or App Store for iOS devices. Find the app, download it, and install it like any other on your smartphone.

Register an Account and Create Your Profile

Register an account by providing basic personal and professional details, such as your name and contact details, password, specialization, and upload your licensing and documentation to be verified. Your account can be linked to your Facebook, Google, or iCloud account for fast and easy access.

Wait for the Verification Process to Complete

To ensure a professional, trusted, and safe environment for doctors and patients, we verify all doctors before accepting their applications.

Connect With New or Existing Patients

Generate a unique invitation link to share with your new or existing patients via SMS, WhatsApp, or email. When they follow the link, you will be added as a doctor under their patient profile in the app. Customize the invitation message for a personalized touch.

Create a Customized Schedule

From your dashboard, you can schedule open slots for either live chat or video streaming sessions with just a few taps. Using the helpful timeline, select a day, adjust the start and end times for the slot, and specify whether it is a chat or live chat session. Sessions can be edited or deleted at any time

Wait for Your Patients to Schedule a Session

Patients that added you to your account can view your open sessions and select them to book a slot. You'll be able to review your upcoming sessions at any time from within the dashboard.

Host a Session With Your Patient(s)

When it's time for an upcoming session, you or your patient can initiate the live chat or video call. All your previous and current session details are saved for each patient, allowing you to quickly prepare for an upcoming session based on your previous sessions and findings. All critical information of your sessions is saved, including attachments, chat logs, and conclusions.

Review Your Activity and Earnings

We provide you with an easy to follow breakdown of your total sessions, customer reviews, total income, and available balance - with interactive charts and a complete transaction timeline. Stay on top of your telemedicine platform and get reimbursed straight to your bank account

  • How Much Will TEBCOM Cost?

    TEBCOM takes a 10% share of your session earnings for live chat or video calls. Doctors can host free live chat sessions without subscribing, while live streaming capabilities require a subscription.

  • What is My Earning Potential?

    That's the great thing about our platform. We leave it up to you. As a doctor, you can set your rate based on your practice and preference. You can also register for as many sessions as you wish as long as you have available times left.

  • How Does TEBCOM Ensure My Income?

    When patients book a session for one of your open slots, they are immediately billed according to your rates. We keep the money in an Escrow service and pay it out to you at the end of each billing period (end of the month).

  • What's the Main Advantage of Using TEBCOM?

    Where to begin? First of all, TEBCOM is the first "closed loop" telemedicine platform in Egypt. You no longer have to worry about competing for reviews and exposures with other doctors on the same platform. Personally invite or be invited by existing or new patients and work via these private, intimate connections. Combined with unparalleled ease of use, accessibility, and potential to earn from home, and you've got a winning combination.