How Does TEBCOM Work as a Patient?

We believe that no one should be deprived of world-class, professional healthcare because of their personal situation or circumstances beyond their control. With TEBCOM, we aim to bring down barriers by allowing anyone to connect with verified doctors through our telemedicine platform.

Technology That Drives Healthcare Access - Simplified
Download and Install the TEBCOM App

You can find the official version of the TEBCOM app on the Google Play app for Android or App Store for iOS devices. Find the app, download it, and install it like any other on your smartphone.

Register an Account and Create Your Profile

Register an account by providing a few basic details, such as your name, contact information, gender, location, and language. Set a password, and you're good to go!

Connect With Doctors You Trust

Along with an invitation link from your doctor, you'll receive a unique ID code. You can add your doctor using this unique code and just a couple of taps from your dashboard. Only verified doctors will be able to send invitation links and connect with patients. Also, you'll see a doctor's specialization in their profile.

Find a Doctor Session That Suits Your Schedule

You'll find a list of all doctors you've added to your app in your Doctor's List. Select any doctor to see their upcoming availability and find a live chat or video session that fits your schedule. All your recent and upcoming sessions will be displayed in your main dashboard for easy access.

Pay For Your Session Using Convenient Gateways

Sessions are paid upfront using either your VISA credit card or the Fawry payment gateway. Or, you can pre-fund your in-app wallet for quick and convenient future checkouts. We keep your money safe until the end of each billing period if there is a need for a refund.

Join a Session With Your Doctor

When it's time for an upcoming session, you or your doctor can initiate the live chat or video call. Your previous and current session details are saved so that your doctor is always kept up to date with previous findings, information, and conclusions. Also, you will have access to all details regarding previous and current sessions to minimize miscommunication and to find help with guided self-medication

  • How Much Will TEBCOM Cost?

    Doctors set their rates and schedules on the TEBCOM session based on their practice and availability. TEBCOM takes a share of each doctors earnings as a commission but does not bill patients further.

  • Are In-App Payments Safe?

    Yes. Your hard-earned money is important to use. We only use safe and secure payment methods like VISA credit cards or Fawry e-payments. We keep your payments in Escrow until the end of each billing period to ensure fair practices.

  • How Do I Know I Can Trust a Doctor?

    All Doctors that wish to register with TEBCOM to deliver telehealth services must provide their licensing information. We review and approve doctors on a one-on-one basis, ensuring access to trusted and reputable healthcare professionals for patients using our app.